The Wild Boar Race Board Game

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A print-and-play board game based on an image of a 19th Century Western Indian painting where two players have to race through the landscape and avoid encountering the wild boars. Learn more about this Indian painting here and click on the button below or the big image for the printable PDF of the board game.

Printable PDF file for the Wild Boar Race Board Game

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Print and play the Wild Boar Race board game, an arts game for kids

Click the image above to get a printable PDF version of this word find.

This board game is based on a painting titled "Maharana Amar Singh II or Sangram Singh Hunting Wild Boar," which is open source/public domain material from the permanent collection of The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Click on the linked title of the painting above to see the original full painting and to get more information on this 19th Century painting from Western India, Rajasthan, Udaipur.

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