The Andy Warhol Cow Wallpaper Game

American artist Andy Warhol is known for many of his art works, including portraits of Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, paintings of Soup Cans, and Brillo Box sculpture, among other things. In 1966 he created wallpaper with a cow motif. In our arts game below, we have shown a section of the Cow Wallpaper by Warhol, and have tweaked a few little pieces of it. Can you find 5 things on the various cows that are different from the others? Since the cows on this wallpaper are a repeating motif, the original wallpaper showed an identical image over and over again. Therefore you will need to find the five places where we have changed these cows, and click (or tap) on your spots to see if you are correct.

If you get stuck and want to see the answers, click here.

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