Virtual Art Exhibitions

Artsology is curating virtual exhibitions and will have more coming soon. Some of the shows will be for viewing enjoyment only; others will included actual art works for sale which have been "installed" in a virtual environment. Scroll down to see our first two exhibitions: "Impossible Van Gogh Paintings" and "Unusual Faces in Unusual Places."

Virtual Art Exhibitions curated by Artsology

Three Picasso-inspired paintings created using artificial intelligence art apps, installed in a virtual gallery.

Our Exhibitions:

Impossible Van Gogh Paintings, a Virtual Art Exhibition by Artsology

Impossible Van Gogh Paintings

Created and curated by Artsology in February, 2023, featuring art works in the style of Vincent Van Gogh, created using AI Art Generators with text prompts. All of the activities or situations in these AI art works would have been impossible during Van Gogh's lifetime, such as making paintings of skateboarders or self portraits with cell phones, as two examples.

Click here to view the exhibition.

Unusual Faces in Unusual Places, a Virtual Art Exhibition by Artsology

Unusual Faces in Unusual Places

Curated by Artsology in April, 2020, featuring original art including watercolor paintings and mixed media art on paper by artist Mark McKinney.

Click here to view the exhibition.

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