Vincent Van Gogh's Jobs

Vincent Van Gogh, who lived from 1853-1890, is one of the most famous artists in the world. He is known for his paintings of sunflowers, his intense self-portraits, and the irony that he was unsuccessful during his life but his paintings now sell for millions of dollars.

Van Gogh wasn't always an artist; he held a number of jobs before he decided to focus his attention on art. Scroll down for a fun quiz about his various occupations.

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You'll be prompted with one question at a time about Van Gogh's work life ... select your answer and click the "next" button to advance, and then get your score at the end. We'll give you a hint: of the 8 work scenarios we suggest, Van Gogh worked in 4 of them. But don't be influenced by the pictures below, as we just illustrated some of the hypothetical occupations that Van Gogh may or may not have had.

Van Gogh depicted in various occupations

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