What's not right about this Van Gogh painting?

We have a slightly-altered version of Vincent Van Gogh's painting "Farmhouse in Provence," from 1888, pictured below. Can you find 6 things that are wrong with it or that you think don't belong? Take a good look at the picture and then scroll down to click a button to see the answers.

Vincent Van Gogh painting Farmhouse in Provence, slightly altered

Do you think you know what the 6 things are that were altered in this painting?


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Here's a little information on the items that we used to alter Van Gogh's painting:

  • The original painting shows just one man in the field outside of his farmhouse in Provence, France. We've added the woman - who was originally from a different Van Gogh painting, along with a horse that Van Gogh made as a separate drawing five years earlier, in 1883.
  • The airplane in the sky is probably the easiest give-away; the Wright Brothers didn't make their first successful airplane flight until 15 years later in 1903, and it certainly wasn't a modern plane like this one.
  • The dog laying on the ground in front of the gate would be a natural thing to expect in a farm painting, but Van Gogh did not have a dog in his original painting.
  • We added the setting sun from a different Van Gogh painting, but while the brush strokes and style match this painting, it actually appears to be the middle of the day and not early evening when the sun would have been setting.
  • The car in the driveway is another non-Van Gogh addition ... while the first car made has been credited to Karl Benz from Germany in 1885 or 1886, it certainly didn't look anything like this car which could either be based on a vintage Peugeot or possibly a Mini Cooper.

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