Tough Granny

[From our Vintage Fun Book Collection]

"Tough Granny" is a print-and-play board game where a tough and feisty granny is going to take the subway and fend off any muggers that come her way. She enters the subway at the 46th Street Station and takes the subway to Grand Central Station. (editorial note: this game was created in the early 1980s, when the NYC subway system was thought of as more-dangerous than it is today - also, this game was made by a kid who lived in Minnesota and had never been on the NYC subway, so the inaccuracy of a "46th Street station" and going to Grand Central had no basis in first-hand knowledge)

Rules are included on the printable PDF page. Click on the button below or the big image for the printable PDF.

Printable PDF file for the Tough Granny Fun Book Game

Print and play the Artsology Fun Book game titled Tough Granny

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This game was originally created and published in Fun Book Issue #30, from June 1983. Click here for more information on the original Fun Books.

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