Word-based street art in Jersey City

from the Artsology series The Arts Adventurer

Fall 2019: A trip into Jersey City to explore different neighborhoods and to see street art revealed a number of word-based street art pieces. Here's a look at some of what I saw on one Sunday afternoon in Jersey City, NJ. In most cases, the artists are unknown to me; if I can ID them, I will definitely list their names here. If you recognize any of the street art here that is currently not labeled, please let us know the name of the respective artists.

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This first one has the message "You are stellar." I like how it was placed right in the middle of this patched piece of road, and the light-colored concrete shape against the dark background makes for an overall nice composition. I saw this one on First Street near Marin Boulevard.

stencil street art with the message You Are Steller in Jersey City

This next one (below left) says "Robots Don't Dream," and features what appears to be Astro Boy, a character in a Japanese manga series who is an android with human emotions. I saw this one on Warren Street near First Street.

Below right we have a simple directive: "smile." This message and accompanying smiley face was seen on Bay Street near Erie Street.

stencil street art with the message Robots Don't Dream

street art with a smiley face and the word Smile, seen in Jersey City

Below left is a message from one person to another specific person, who is not named. It reads, "I wish I was able to love you back," followed by a sad face with a frown. I wonder if the intended recipient ever saw this message and knew it was for him or her? Seen on Barrow Street near Christopher Columbus Drive.

Below right looks like another cartoon or manga character, an angry man with a thought balloon and the word "die" floating above his head. Seems a bit harsh, I wonder what the story behind this is? Seen in an alley between Third and Fourth Streets near Jersey Avenue.

street art message: I wish I was able to love you back

street art featuring a cartoon character who is saying the word Die

Below left shows the words "Eat The Rich" spray-painted on a wooden wall on First Street near Coles Street. This comes from a phrase attributed to Jean-Jacques Rousseau, a political philosopher and leading figure in the French Revolution in the 18th Century, who said: "When the people shall have nothing more to eat, they will eat the rich." The phrase has made a comeback in recent years as income inequality in the United States has grown dramatically, and I've seen this phrase written or stenciled in the streets in other places as well, but haven't tracked it to any one street artist.

Meanwhile, below right, is the simple message "Don't Touch," spray painted on a cut wooden board leaned up against a fence and brick column. I'm not sure what it's referring to, or what it's protecting ...

spray painted message to Eat The Rich, seen in Jersey City

spray painted message to don't touch, seen in a Jersey City alley

Lastly, we have two more: below left, "Good Food," on the back of a restaurant on Newark Avenue. Below right is a little hard to read: I think it's a tag with the word "Suave," with a dollar sign $ instead of an S. This was seen on Warren Street near Bay Street.

Good Food restaurant sign seen in a Jersey City

graffiti tag that says Suave, seen inJersey City

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