The Longshoreman of Jersey City

from the Artsology series The Arts Adventurer

I happened upon this sculpture at the intersection of 2nd Street and Hudson Street in Jersey City, and I thought it looked like a David Smith sculpture on steroids. In fact, it's a sculpture by Steven Singer, the result of a public sculpture commission back in 2001 by the Candlewood Hotel, which is located at that same location.

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Longshoreman sculpture in Jersey City

The hotel officials wanted a waterfront history theme, since this location is less than a block from the Hudson River waterfront and several piers. The artist, who has a studio in Jersey City, titled this piece "Longshoreman" and describes him as "a burly, massive individual." It's made out of sandblasted stainless steel and is approximately 8 feet tall.

Here’s a couple more views of the piece:

stainless steel sculpture titled Longshoreman by Steven Singer

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