Video introduction to the graffiti and street art found in Jersey City

from the Artsology series The Arts Adventurer

I took an afternoon to walk around downtown Jersey City, carrying my GoPro camera and looking for interesting street art and graffiti. I covered a lot of ground in Jersey City on this day, but a fair amount of the footage in this video comes from the Powerhouse Arts District near 1st Street and the surrounding blocks.

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Here's a quick video tour of some of the graffiti and street art in Jersey City. Scroll down below the video for a few still shots from the same outing.

Below left is by Fintan Magee and is titled “Remembering Clouds.” It’s a sanctioned piece, part of the “Jersey City Mural Arts Program” under Mayor Steven Fulop. Below right is a mural that I saw just walking down side streets and looking into alleys (artist unknown) - if you look back to the left of the main piece, you'll see another mural of a large skunk.

street art mural with woman, tv, and cars, as seen in Jersey City

graffiti mural seen in an alley in Jersey City

Check back later - more graffiti coverage from Jersey City, coming to the Arts Adventurer soon.

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