Graffiti covered trains rolling through Newburgh

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There's an elevated train line running along Water Street on the edge of the Hudson River in Newburgh, NY, and while having lunch on the waterfront today, there were several times when a CSX engine pulled a string of graffiti-covered cars by where I was hanging out. I learned that various segments of the original track line running from New Jersey up through New York were laid down as early as the 1860s, and over the years it was known as the New York Railway, then the West Shore Railway, and later the Buffalo Railway. It's now known as "The River Subdivision" and the railroad line is owned by CSX Transportation.

CSX trains running through Newburgh covered in graffiti

You can get a little better sense of the elevated train track in the picture below left. And if you're making a day trip to Newburgh as I did today, this area near the water was a good location to go for lunch - click on this link which takes you to a map of the area. There are a number of restaurants right on the edge of the Hudson River, with a view over to the east side and the town of Beacon, NY. I ate at Billy Joe's Ribworks, and the food was excellent. This particular picture below left shows the last train car passing by as I was standing in the parking lot after lunch, but below right you can see a slideshow of some of the other graffiti-covered train cars that passed by just moments before.

CSX trains running through Newburgh, NY

There must be at least one railyard, if not more, along this rail line where the freight cars are parked at various times, because the graffiti artists had painted on almost every single car that went by today, and there were a lot. It's hard to know how often these trains run, but at least two or three sets of engines and freight cars went by today, a Sunday, between 2 - 4 pm, so it seems to be a pretty active line, if you want to try to see some graffiti-covered cars for yourself.

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