Expedition Paititi 2016 and my own satellite search

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If you read through to the bottom of my last post on Paititi, you saw the info on French explorer Thierry Jamin and his 18+ year search for Paititi, the lost legendary city of Inca treasure. He's identified a specific target of a square mountain (the edge of which is outlined in red, below) in the Amazon rainforest of Peru where he believes he might find Paititi. When I read that he identified what he believes to be strong proof of a settlement on this square mountain via satellite images, I wondered, what could I find with a little research and Google Earth?

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x marks the spot of Paititi

The above image is from Jamin's own website related to this search, and has a few clues as to the location. Taking these clues, along with other references made to the Megantoni National Sanctuary, I went to Google Earth and plugged in these clues which were tagged by Google Earth as "national forest near Santuario Nacional Megantoni, Cusco, Peru."

As I zoomed in and looked around, I was looking for any square shapes I could find ... I don't think it's too much of a stretch to say that there's probably not too many clearly-square shapes to be found out in a national forest. And to my surprise, I found a square-looking mountain (below left) ... could it really be the same one that Thierry Jamin is targeting? For whatever it's worth, the location I found below is tagged as 13°13'11.15" S by 71°28'50.58" W with an elevation of 8,589 feet and an eye altitude of 41,917 feet.

Maybe I'm just geeking out with the idea of amateur sleuthing for hidden treasures, but the story is a compelling one, made more so by the fact that Jamin's latest search is about to happen soon (** editor's note - this was written in the summer of 2016). If you want to see something to get you hyped for this adventure, check out the video below right.

satellite search for a square mountain in Peru, site of Paititi


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