Donald Trump street art before and after the election

from the Artsology series The Arts Adventurer

I'm not sure how recognizable this trio of faces is to you in this state, but they're a worked-over set of Donald Trump portraits seen in New York City in February, 2017. Today's image (below) is an updated photograph of some street art we first photographed last October, and you can see both versions below - scroll down to see a before-and-after look at this set of Trump street art pieces.

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Donald Trump street art damaged

You can get a better sense of the "before" and "after" below ... no street art stays intact for very long, but this alteration would seem to have some anger or strong dislike behind it. I don't think it's any big surprise that the street art crowd would not be Donald Trump supporters. One also has to take into account that the image below left is before the Presidential election took place, and the image below right is about a month after Trump took office.

Donald Trump street art in NYC in October 2016

Vandalized Donald Trump street art in NYC in February 2017

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