Arts Adventures in Jersey City

from the Artsology series The Arts Adventurer

Jersey City is only about 10 miles from where I live, but for some reason I hadn't got around to exploring it much until the summer of 2015. I remember going to college with a guy who grew up in Jersey City who used to tell me: "if someone likes your shoes, they'll shoot you and then take 'em." I know he was talking a lot of stuff, trying to sound like a tough guy, and from what I saw on my first bit of driving around in Jersey City, there were some areas where I wouldn't want to spend much time. But there's plenty of interesting street art, and in the downtown area, I think you'll find everyone still wearing their shoes, so I never had any concern about danger and enjoyed exploring the area.

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Pictured below: graffiti mural in downtown Jersey City.

arts adventure destination: Jersey City, NJ

Below are a selection of my arts adventures in Jersey City; make sure to check back again, as I'm in still in the process of adding more.

Jackie Robinson in Jersey City

Jackie Robinson sculpture by Susan Wagner in Jersey City

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Graffiti Adventures in Jersey City

street art mural with woman, tv, and cars, as seen in Jersey City

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The Katyń Memorial in Jersey City

Katyn Memorial in Jersey City

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Word Art in Jersey City

Word-based street art in Jersey City

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Arts Adventures in Jersey City

Longshoreman sculpture in Jersey City

The Longshoreman of Jersey City. Read more ...

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