Artistic Reflections: Car Windows as Canvas

In my various travels and street photography experiments, I occasionally notice the reflections in car windows and see something artistic ... whether it's some graffiti, a sunset, or an architectural composition, when it's reflected on the curved surfaces of cars and car windows, it can make for some interesting images. The car window - and sometimes the car itself - takes on the role of being a "canvas" of sorts for these found artistic visions. Scroll down for more ...

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Here's a small collection of car window reflection photographs that I've taken over the years. This first pair of pictures shows reflections of tall brick apartment buildings in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan. I like how the second one gives an "all-over" effect since the black paint surface of the car is almost as reflective as the window.

architectural reflection on a car in Chelsea, NYC

architectural reflection on a car in Chelsea, NYC

This pair includes an architectural reflection seen from street level in the Chelsea neighborhood in NYC, as well as a reflection of a graffit mural featuring James Gandolfini, seen in the Bushwick neighborhood in Brooklyn.

architecture in Chelsea NYC reflected in car window

Graffiti portrait of James Gandolfini in Bushwick Brooklyn

The sunset picture was seen in Glen Ridge, NJ, walking along Ridgewood Avenue. The graffiti reflection shows a street art piece by an artist who goes by the name "Jerk Face," featuring the Warner Brothers cartoon character "Sylvester the Cat." This one was seen in Jersey City.

Sunset in Glen Ridge NJ reflected in car rear window

Sylvester graffiti reflection in Jersey City by Jerk Face

If you'd like to see more car-related art, check out our feature on the Art/Smart Car, designed by Billy the Artist, or this Mondrian Car that we saw in Montclair, NJ. In addition, check out this car made out of water bottles by Willie Cole. Lots of cool car art ...

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