Sand Painting Art Maker

Use our widget below to make art with colored sand - over 140 colors to choose from! You can make sand paintings, adding colored sand with the brush, and if you want to alter your work, you can use the eraser to clear out sand.

How the sand falls and fills the space depends upon how high (or low) you place your cursor in relation to the bottom of the canvas. Experiment with different ways of using your mouse and cursor! (please note: this game also works on mobile devices and touch screens, but control over the sand is not as easy as it is with a computer cursor)

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Make a sand painting!

Clear your screen and start over!

If you would like to share your sand art with us, take a screen shot and send it to us and we'll add it to our Sand Painting Art Maker Gallery!

Here's a few ideas of sand art that you can make with this interactive sand game!

Art made with the Sand Painting Art Maker Game

We made a sand face! Can you make a recognizable object in your painting?

Art made with the Sand Painting Art Maker Game

We went for some abstract art here ... what can you come up with?

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