Portable rock art carvings found in Cincinnati

A reader named Michaela from Ohio wrote to us and send the following two pictures of the same rock, with the following description:

"I live in a suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio. Today I found this rock at North Branch Sycamore Creek and it appears to have a carving of lines ... do you know what it means? The 2 deep lines at the bottom go all the way around then on top of the rock there is what looks like a depiction of a sunrise? Or perhaps an eye? Maybe a sun god?

small rock art with carved horizontal lines that go around the rock

rock art with carved lines suggesting an eye

Same rock art piece as above, a view of the eye-like shape - original, untouched photo.

rock art with eye shape, red lines to show shape

In case you're having a hard time seeing the carved lines in the original picture, I've marked up the eye shape here for better clarity.

I'll reiterate that these comments and the red lined markup are my own observations and not any formal academic analysis. I thank Michaela for sharing this interesting finds, and if you have any comments or feedback that you'd like to share regarding these images, send me an email with the subject line "Michaela's Rock Art."

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