What's Wrong in this Renaissance Art Painting?

We have a slightly-altered version of Petrus Christus's 1449 painting titled "A Goldsmith in his Shop," pictured below. Can you find 7 things that are wrong with it or that you think don't belong? Take a good long look at the picture, and when you are ready, click here for the answers.

Here's a little information on this Renaissance art: this painting is considered a masterpiece of Northern Renaissance Art, and was painted in 1449 by Petrus Christus, a prominent artist in Bruges (Flanders). In this scene, a couple have come to the goldsmith to buy a wedding ring, which is being weighed on his scale.

An altered version of a Petrus Christus painting from the Renaissance

Do you think you have found all seven things that don't belong in this painting? Check your answers here.

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