Answers for What's Wrong in this Renaissance Art Painting?

We hope you have arrived at this page after playing our arts game related to an altered 1449 painting by Petrus Christus ... if not, go back and play the game first! Otherwise, scroll down to see the answers.

Here's what we changed in the painting "A Goldsmith in his Shop," 1449, by Petrus Christus. Scroll down for our explanation and also to see the original, un-altered version by the artist which is in the permanent collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Answers for our altered version of a Petrus Christus painting from the Renaissance

  1. There's an airplane in the sky ... there were no airplanes in 1449!
  2. The man is wearing a Kangol Hat, which is a British fashion company that was not founded until the 1930s.
  3. There's a plastic bottle of Pepsi on the shelf.
  4. The lava lamp was not invented until 1963.
  5. There's a car in the background here, which would not have existed in 1449.
  6. He's playing with a fidget spinner! Definitely not a Renaissance art prop!
  7. The fabric band laying on his desk has a Chanel logo on it ... there was no Chanel back in the 15th Century!

Here's the original and untouched "A Goldsmith in his Shop," 1449, by Petrus Christus. If you would like to learn more about Petrus Christus and his art, check out this overview on him as presented by The Met.

A Goldsmith in his Shop, by Petrus Christus

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