Peruvian Moche Maze Game

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A print-and-play maze featuring images of ancient Peruvian Moche Art, including a human figure and a cat bottle sculpture; help reunite the boy with his cat! Click on the button below or the big image for the printable PDF.

Printable PDF file for the Peruvian Moche Maze Game

What is "Moche?" The Moche civilization flourished in northern Peru along the northwest coast from approximately 100 to 700 AD. The Moche culture was sophisticated and their artifacts reflected their lives, with detailed scenes of hunting, fishing, fighting, and elaborate ceremonies, among other things. The human figure depicted here is a standing ceramic figure from the 3rd-5th Century; more information on this piece can be found here. The cat figure is a "spotted feline bottle" from the 4th-7th Century; this vessel depicts a snarling pampas cat, but for the fun of this maze game, we're pretending it's a pet cat for a young Peruvian boy. Click here to learn more about this ceramic cat.

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Print and play our Peruvian Moche Maze Game, an arts game for kids

Click the image above to get a printable PDF version of this maze.

Images used in this maze are courtesy of the Open Access Program at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

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