Artistic and Painted Doors in NYC

If there were a contest for most-unique doors in a city, I think New York City would win in a landslide. Below is a collection of artistic doors from Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn - some have been painted with murals, some are covered with street art, others are overflowing with sticker art graffiti, and some are just cool-looking for whatever reason.

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This first pair of street art-covered doors were both seen in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn:

doors in Bushwick, Brooklyn, covered with street art and graffiti

4 artistic doors from NYC; from left:

  1. Hinges on both sides, so it must open in the middle ... found in Manhattan
  2. West 22nd Street, between 10th and 11th Avenues, Manhattan
  3. Commes des Garcons entrance on West 22nd Street, Manhattan
  4. Manhattan (note the sculptural details above the door)

artistic doors found in Manhattan

doors with artistic details found in Manhattan

The next four artistic doors, from left:

  1. Buddha figure, West 50's, Manhattan
  2. Stanton Street, Lower East Side, Manhattan
  3. Williamsburg, Brooklyn
  4. Williamsburg, Brooklyn

doors covered with art and sculpture found in NYC

doors with painted art decorating the door frame seen in New York City

The next group of four art doors include, from left:

  1. Manhattan (I like the view inside with the sculpture)
  2. Park Slope, Brooklyn
  3. Long Island City, NY
  4. Long Island City, NY

beautiful old wooden doors found in New York City

doors in Long Island City that are covered in art and stickers

Four graffiti-covered doors; from left:

  1. Long Island City, NY
  2. Kenny Scharf Hotdog door, West 20's, Manhattan
  3. Bushwick, Brooklyn
  4. Bushwick, Brooklyn

 skeleton and Kenny Scharf hotdog painted on these two doors

street art covered doors found in Bushwick Brooklyn

These four doors were all found in Bushwick:

  1. Sticker art, Bushwick, Brooklyn
  2. Colorful mural in Bushwick, Brooklyn
  3. Abstract shapes, Bushwick, Brooklyn
  4. Happy cartoon figure, Bushwick, Brooklyn

a pair of art covered doors found in Bushwick

street art on doors in Bushwick, Brooklyn

The final four set of art-covered doors in NYC include from left:

  1. Stars, moons, and creatures in Bushwick, Brooklyn
  2. Graffiti door, Bushwick, Brooklyn
  3. Butterfly design, Bushwick, Brooklyn
  4. Door with cross, Bushwick, Brooklyn

art covered doors found in Bushwick

street art found on doors in Brooklyn

If you like this, check out our blog post about Roy Colmer, who photographed over 3,000 doors in New York City between 1975 and 1976.

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