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Page 7 of our collection of free online art games, featuring artists such as Georgia O'Keeffe, Giorgio De Chirico, Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet, Hieronymus Bosch, Henri Matisse, and Salvador Dali, among others! These interactive games are spread out over 8 pages, so make sure to check them all out by using the numbered page links below!

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Play the Georgia O'Keeffe Flower Puzzle game

O'Keeffe Flower Puzzles

A collection of 5 puzzles featuring flower paintings by Georgia O'Keeffe.

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Play the Egyptian Sculpture 5 Differences game

Egyptian Sculpture Game

Find 5 things that are different between these two versions of an Egyptian tomb sculpture.

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can you find 8 Giorgio De Chirico heads in this composite picture?

De Chirico & Friends Game

A search-and-find game featuring Giorgio De Chirico & Friends.

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What's wrong with this painting by Van Gogh?

What's Wrong, Van Gogh?

Can you find 6 things that don't belong in this altered Van Gogh painting?

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Play the Art Detective Game and finding the stolen art

Art Detective Game

A Da Vinci Codex page has been stolen and these are the suspects ... solve the crime!

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Play the Monet Waterlilies Pond Toy Game

Toys in Monet's Pond

Someone dumped a bunch of rubber ducks and toy frogs in Monet's pond ... can you help?

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try our art history which one is art quiz

Which One is Art?

Look through the 5 matched pairs and see if you can tell which one is art, and which one is not.

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Play the Hieronymus Bosch Escapade game

Hieronymus Bosch Escapade

Move your Bosch character (and its clones) through multiple levels in this game!

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can you ID famous paintings with the subject airbrushed out?

Who Painted That?

Can you ID which artist painted each altered famous painting?

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Chinese Art Memory Game

Chinese Art Memory Game

Flip the cards to match Chinese jade sculpture as quickly as possible!

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Help Henri Matisse find his friend Zorah in Morocco in this interactive maze arts game for kids

Matisse in Morocco Maze

A series of interactive mazes featuring Henri Matisse in Morocco.

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Play the Salvador Dali Hangman arts game

Salvador Dali Hangman

Try to guess the word describing the Salvador Dali painting.

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