The Mondrian Squares Challenge

Based on the classic "dots" game, you face off against Mondrian with your red paint brush, with Mondrian using his blue paint brush. Use your mouse to click two dots in order to draw your connecting line; then Mondrian will draw his own connecting line. The game requires strategy in order to trick the other player into creating a 3-sided dot situation so that you can fill in the 4th side and score that box with your color.

You can connect any two dots that you want ... a common strategy that I like is to create two-sided "lanes" and set up someone to be forced into making the 3rd side, so you can go through the lane and fill in all of the boxes. But approach it any way you like - you get to go first, then Mondrian will follow.

Note: this game works best on a larger monitor, such as a desktop, laptop, or tablet-sized screen.

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