Answers to the Henri Matisse "Red Room Game"

Below is a listing of the 5 things that we made different from the original of Henri Matisse's painting "The Red Room (Harmony In Red)."

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These alterations come from the Matisse Red Room Game.

Answers of our alterations to The Red Room, a painting by Henri Matisse

Here are the answers for this game, as numbered in the image at left:

  1. The house has been moved farther to the left.
  2. The far-left lemon has been replaced by a green apple.
  3. The woman is missing the "hair bun" on top of her head.
  4. There is an extra curvy blue line painted on the wall.
  5. The vase she's holding no longer has little legs on it.

If you want to see the two versions side-by-side again, click here to go back to the original game.

Here's an interesting fact about Matisse's masterpiece, "The Red Room (Harmony in Red)" ... Matisse originally painted the walls blue, but he was disatisfied with the final result and decided to paint them red. The painting was commissioned by the famous Russian collector Sergey Shchukin, and was intended to hang in the dining room of his mansion in Moscow. It is now in the permanent collection of the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg.

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