Henri Matisse The Moroccans Puzzle

An interactive arts game where you move the puzzle pieces and try to reassemble the Henri Matisse's painting titled "The Moroccans" from 1915-16. Scroll down for further instructions.

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First, take a good look at the Henri Matisse painting below. Next, click here to scramble the image and start to solve it! Click or tap on the piece you want to move into the empty space in order to shuffle pieces around.

Please wait: loading the picture ...

Are you stuck? Click here to reset the puzzle to its original state.

About this painting: Matisse created this painting depicting what he described as a terrace of a little cafe after one of his visits to Morocco. A balcony with a flowerpot and a mosque behind it are seen in the upper left; a still life of vegetables is shown in the lower left, and in the lower right is a man wearing a turban, seen from behind.

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