Here's what's wrong with this Manet painting!

We have altered a painting by Edouard Manet titled Boating, changing six things with the overall composition. We've got the answers below, as well as a copy of the original Manet painting.

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Boating, 1874, by Edouard Manet

Here are the answers to our altered Manet painting:

  1. There was not a shark threatening our seemingly relaxed boaters.
  2. He's wearing a baseball hat, which was not his original hat in the actual painting.
  3. He has a Harley Davidson Motorcycle logo on his sleeve, not exactly available to French citizens in 1874.
  4. Another shark lurking in the waters, but not in the original painting.
  5. The boombox - no, this boater was not jamming to his favorite tunes on this boat ride.
  6. The dog with his life preserver was not one of the original passengers on this boating trip.

And here's the original, so you can see the real thing!

The original version of the Edouard Manet painting titled Boating, from 1874

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