Answers for the comparison arts game for Jacob Lawrence, "The Builders: The Family"

Scroll down to see our list of the five ways that we changed the original image ... click here if you want to go back to the see the first page.

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Here are the answers for this game, as numbered in the image below. We've included another version of the original, so that you can see them side-by-side again.

  1. The ladder is missing the bottom step.
  2. The man's tie is now red, rather than yellow.
  3. The box is positioned in a different direction.
  4. There are 3 wood planks lined up, rather than the original 2.
  5. The flow and direction of the gray area in the foreground has been changed

answers to The Builders, by Jacob Lawrence

the original version of The Builders The Family, by Jacob Lawrence

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