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Page 3 of our arts investigations collection, with a total of 7 pages and 95 arts investigations (and counting!). These features cover a variety of arts topics and ideas for general interest or that can be used by teachers to integrate with their lesson plans in the classroom. Check back often as we have an ever-expanding collection of free arts education resources!

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Australian aboriginal artist Tjumpo Tjapanangka

Artist Tjumpo Tjapanangka

An introduction to Australian aboriginal artist Tjumpo Tjapanangka.

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civil rights icons mural in Baltimore

Black History via Street Art

A look at iconic Black Americans depicted in street art murals.

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detailed view of images making up Chairman Mao by Cameron Gray

One Image from Many

A look at Cameron Gray's Chairman Mao influenced by Andy Warhol and Chuck Close.

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The genre of clown paintings and clown art

Clown Paintings

Where do clown paintings fit into art history?

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El Greco portraits of Titian, Michelangelo, Giulio Clovio, and Raphael

El Greco's Homage

Why are these 4 guys separate from the action in this painting by El Greco?

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Two examples of Functional Art that has a utilitarian purpose

Three Types of Art

Readymades, Functional Art, and Art for Art's Sake.

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Portraits by Picasso, Joel Sternfeld, and Kehinde Wiley

Eras of Portraiture

A look at portraiture from different eras - and a look into the future.

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A dress at a fashion show which reminds me of paintings by Gerhard Richter and Andy Warhol

Fashion, Richter & Warhol

A dress seemingly inspired by Gerhard Richter and Andy Warhol.

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Indo-International Art Restoration and Culture School in Mahapura

Culture School in Mahapura

A school in India where art restoration is part of the education.

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detail of Melancholy Tunes on A Winter Day by Jos de Mey

Visual tricks by Jos de Mey

Jos de Mey has created an optical illusion with an impossible structure.

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My own Guiseppe Arcimboldo food face made in my kitchen

My Arcimboldo

I created my own Arcimboldo "food face" with things from my kitchen.

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The Winged Victory of Samothrace at the Louvre in Paris

Looking at Sculpture

Looking at sculpture in the round, with Winged Victory at the Louvre.

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matching up advertising and editorial images with famous art works

Art and Advertising

See examples of advertising that borrow from art history.

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Miles Davis jazz album cover art

Miles Davis Album Art

We showcase 20 of our favorite Miles Davis album covers with very creative art.

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