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Page 2 of our collection of arts investigations, which look into a variety of arts topics and ideas that can be used in the classroom or with homeschoolers. It's an ever-expanding collection of free arts education resources!

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Monet's Haystack paintings and his exploration of light

Monet's Haystacks

A look at Monet's Experiment with light using Haystacks

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My Monet Light Experiment using a bush in my backyard

My Monet Experiment

My own Monet Light Experiment, recording light throughout the day.

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Finding things in nature that remind us of art history

Mother Nature as artist

A selection of "found art" in nature and their corresponding art historical references.

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garbage bag sculpture by Gavin Turk

Garbage, or art?

I thought it was a bag of garbage until I realized it was a bronze sculpture.

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Native American Indian Rock Art found in Utah

Rock Art

An intro to Native American Rock Art, including petroglyphs and pictographs.

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interview with graffiti artist Smog-One

Interview with Smog-One

Artsology interviews Florida-based graffiti artist Smog-One.

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an exhibition of art works painted on used NYC Metrocards

Art on a Metrocard

A look at an exhibition featuring art on NYC Metrocards.

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an introduction to Rorschach art and some found rorschach-like examples

Found Rorschach images

A look at Rorschach art and some found examples of Rorschach-like images.

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a look at an Alexander Calder sculpture in Montreal when viewed in the round

Alexander Calder Sculpture

A look at Alexander Calder's stabile sculpture "L'Homme" in Montreal.

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Portrait of a Woman of the Hofer Family has a fly on her hat

There's a fly on the painting!

A look at the Portrait of a Woman of the Hofer Family - and her fly.

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happening upon 2 different performance art pieces in NYC

Performance Art in NYC

A Basquiat actor and paint-splattered people doing performance art.

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A look at Anish Kapoor's Concave Mirror art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Concave Mirror Art

Anish Kapoor's Concave Mirror sculpture creates interactive art for the viewer.

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a survey of butterflies in art history

Butterflies in Art

A brief survey of butterflies in works of art history.

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a collection of butterfly photographs

Butterfly Photography

A collection of original photographs of butterflies by Artsology.

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art work that suggests the idea of silence

Visualizing silence

How does one portray silence in art? We take a look at a group of "quiet" paintings.

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