Here's what's wrong with this version of Edward Hopper's Nighthawks!

We have altered a painting by Edward Hopper titled Nighthawks, from 1942, changing five things within the overall composition. We've got the answers below, as well as a copy of the original Hopper painting.

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Nighthawks parody, based on original painting by Edward Hopper

Here are the answers to our altered Hopper painting:

  1. There's a sneaky lady peeking around the corner of her 2nd floor window.
  2. The store window has an "everything must go" sale sign.
  3. There's a dog patiently waiting outside for his master.
  4. This woman is an intruder - she's actually pulled out of another Hopper painting titled "Western Motel," 1957.
  5. There's a flat screen tv on the wall showing a football game ... there were no flat screen televisions like this in 1942 when the painting was made.

And here's the original, so you can see the real thing!

The original version of the Edward Hopper painting titled Nighthawks, from 1942

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