Find the Hidden Star Game

We've taken this ball and added a bunch of multi-colored shapes to it, using colors often favored by Piet Mondrian. Somewhere in there is a 5 point star ... can you find it?

The colors are in there to throw you off the trail of finding the 5 point star ... so the hidden star may or may not include any number of these colors. Once you're ready to check your answer, or if you give up, you can find the answer here.

A ball with Mondrian colors which is hiding a 5 point star within - can you find it?

This is what we mean by a "5 Point Star" - it's not necessarily hidden in a perfect upright position - it could be - but it might not be - we'll give you three looks at how it might be hidden within the Mondrian ball.

examples of a five point star

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