Find 5 Things That Are Different: Henri Rousseau

At left is the original painting titled "The Banks of the Biévre near Bicêtre," painted by Henri Rousseau circa 1908–09. Below right is our altered version, which has 5 things that have been changed ... can you find them?

Once you're ready to check your answers, or - if you give up before finding all 5 - then you can find the answers here.

painting by Henri Rousseau altered for an arts game to identify 5 differences

Below are two photographic portraits of the painter Henri Rousseau (1844-1910), taken by the French photographer Paul Marsan, who went by the nickname "Dornac." Rousseau was a self-taught painter who didn't start painting on a regular basis until he reached his early 40s; he was known as "Le Douanier" (which translates to "The Customs Officer"), which was a joke related to his actual job as a toll and tax collector. He retired from that job to paint full-time when he turned 49.

photographic portraits of the artist Henri Rousseau

To learn more about the painting "The Banks of the Biévre near Bicêtre," check it out at The Metropolitan Museum of Art's website. To learn more about the artist Henri Rousseau, check out his Wikipedia page here.

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