Answers for the arts game "Find 5 Things That Are Different: Henri Rousseau"

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Below left is the original painting titled "The Banks of the Biévre near Bicêtre," circa 1908-1909, painted by the self-taught artist Henri Rousseau. Below right is our altered version, with the 5 things that we changed circled in red. From left, we have:

  1. Added a raccoon on the branch of this tree
  2. Changed the color of the house to a reddish-pink color
  3. Removed the stream of water and replaced it with another dirt path
  4. Added another figure to the walking path
  5. Added a train going along the bridge in the background (in the original, this is actually an aqueduct, but for the sake of adding the train, we're calling it a bridge)
  6. answers for the arts game about Henri Rousseau

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