Halloween Art Pumpkins Match Game

Click or tap on the "cards" below to flip them and try to find matches of Halloween pumpkins with details of famous paintings from art history - the artists represented here include Pablo Picasso, Jacob Lawrence, Frida Kahlo, Edvard Munch, Elizabeth Catlett, and Rene Magritte. See if you can match all of the art history pumpkins in the least amount of tries! Information about the artists and links to the paintings from which we pull the details are included below, so you can learn a little bit about these art works! Scroll down below the game after playing to see more.

Pablo Picasso pumpkin based on this painting: "Woman in beret and checked dress (Marie-Therese Walter)," 1937.

Jacob Lawrence pumpkin based on this painting: "The Migration of the Negro, panel no. 28," from The Migration Series, 1940-41.

Frida Kahlo pumpkin based on this painting: "Girl With Death Mask," 1938.

Edvard Munch pumpkin is from his famous painting "The Scream," 1893.

Elizabeth Catlett pumpkin based on her print titled "Sharecropper," 1952.

Rene Magritte pumpkin based on "The Son of Man," 1946.

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