Georgia O'Keeffe's Art Transformation

In this art-inspired arcade game, you control the Georgia O'Keeffe character, and you have to use your creativity, paint brushes, and strategy to turn the cow skulls into flowers. It's a multi-level game, how far can you go? ( ** please note - this game works best on a desktop computer )

Additional notes about game play, with tips, "cheats," and screenshots, are available below the game screen to help you better navigate the game in places where it may not be clear what you can do.

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Move with the arrow keys, Escape for menu, R to restart, Q to quit, M to mute

More tips and "cheats" are included below to help you play the game.

Here's some tips and "cheats" to help explain the game play in situations where it might not be so clear:

  1. Note the current color of your Georgia O'Keeffe character; she can only move a same-color paint brush. So, for example, if she's wearing a red suit and you need to move a blue paint brush, you need to "dip" yourself into the blue paint can to change your suit to blue to move that brush.
  2. Level 5 and beyond: your O'Keeffe character can "pass through" skulls if necessary; but once you change the skull into a flower, you can't pass through.
  3. While you can move paint brushes in any direction, you cannot push a paint brush through a skull of a different color.
  4. If you tap on the "esc" button to restart or quit, the green bar behind the menu item shows which item is selected - to move this green bar, use the down or up arrows.
  5. Likewise, if you tap on "esc" and then select "quit," you can use your keyboard's left and right arrow keys to change the level you want to select to play.

Tips and Cheats for the Georgia O'Keeffe Game

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