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Arts Games for Kids

Check out our collection of free arts games for kids of all ages! We have more than 100 games spread out over 8 pages, so check out each page to play our cool games online! Year after year, our Sandpainting Games (we now have 3 interactive falling sand games) are always our most-popular - see the links below to play them now!

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Check out all of our arts games ↓↓↓↓ 8 different pages, cool games online for kids of all ages!

Play version 2 of the Sand Painting Game

Sandpainting Game v2

Version 2 of our popular Sandpainting Game! Includes more options to control elements.

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Play version Sandspiel Game

Sandspiel Game

Sandspiel is a game that will spark your creativity and provide you with hours of fun.

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Play the Georges Seurat La Grande Race Game!

Seurat's La Grande Race

Race your car and avoid collisions in the Georges Seurat La Grande Race Game!

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Play the Art History Puzzle Game, a set of 5 different puzzles

Art History Puzzles

A set of 5 famous paintings scrambled up to solve as puzzles.

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Play the Sand Painting Game, also known as Falling Sand

Sand Painting Game

A dynamic, evolving game with falling sand and other elements which you control.

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Vermeer Girl with Pearl Earring Breakout Arcade Game

Vermeer Breakout Game

Arcade Breakout game with Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earring!

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Sand Painting Art Maker - interactive digital sand art game

Sand Painting Art Maker

Make art online with digital sand in this version of the Sand Painting game.

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Create interactive art online with the Color Cube Game

The Color Cube Art Game

Create designs and images with the interactive Color Cubes Art Game.

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The Color Cube Art Game, XL Version

Color Cube Game XL Version

The XL version of our popular game, meant for large screens.

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Play the Van Gogh Baby Go Game!

Van Gogh Baby Go!

Move Van Gogh's baby through the landscape and advance through 5 levels of play!

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Play the Escape from the Hieronymus Bosch Underworld game

Escape the Bosch Underworld

See if you can escape from the Hieronymus Bosch Underworld!

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Play the Mondrian Squares Challenge game

Mondrian Squares Game

Challenge Piet Mondrian to a classic game of dots!

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Traffic Dodger Game, similar to Frogger

Traffic Dodger Game

Traffic Dodger Game, a spin-off of Frogger, and art by Hiroshige and Winslow Homer as related to the game.

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Play the Picasso Portraits Pop Game

Picasso Portraits Pop Game

Match up Picasso faces to clear the board (works best on desktop).

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search for Picasso arts game for kids

Search for Picasso

Take a virtual walk through Montmartre in search of Picasso's studio.

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Make sure to check out our other pages of cool games online - over 100 arts games in total!

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