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Page 8 of our collection of free online arts games for kids, featuring artists such as Salvador Dali, Vincent Van Gogh, Georgia O'Keeffe, Henri Rousseau, Grant Wood, and more! Learn more about famous artists while playing fun games! We have a total of 8 pages of cool games online, so make sure to check them all out with the numbered page links below!

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Play version 3 of the Sand Painting Game: Deluge

Sand Painting Game: Deluge

Try our new Sand Painting Game, Version 3: Deluge! A flood comes down, what will you do with it?

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Play the Interactive Painting Game

Interactive Painting Game

Use your computer mouse or finger (on touch screens) to paint online!

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can you find 10 hidden Henri Rousseau figures in this photo of Montmartre?

Find Hidden Rousseaus

A search-and-find game featuring a character from a Henri Rousseau painting.

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Art History Lost and Found Game, arts games for kids

Art History Lost and Found

Can you identify which artist used these things in their famous paintings?

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What is wrong with this Petrus Christus painting, an arts games for kids

What's Wrong with this painting?

Can you find 7 things that don't belong in this painting by Petrus Christus?

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Play the American Gothic Tic Tac Toe game

American Gothic Game

The farmer father and his daughter from Grant Wood's famous painting match wits in a game of tic tac toe.

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Find 5 things changed in this painting by Henri Rousseau

Henri Rousseau: 5 Things

Can you find the 5 things we changed in this painting by Rousseau?

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The Salvador Dali Melting Clock Toss Game

Dali Melting Clock Toss Game

Enter a surrealist landscape and experiment with Salvador Dali and his melting clock!

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The Halloween Art Pumpkins Match Game

Halloween Match Game

Flip the "cards" to match up art history-inspired Halloween pumpkins! How fast can you match them all?

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Van Gogh Paintings Puzzles

Van Gogh Paintings Puzzles

Interactive puzzle game featuring 5 paintings by Vincent Van Gogh!

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Mondrian to Infinity never-ending arts game

Mondrian To Infinity

A never-ending game of splitting and multiplying art works!

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find 5 things we changed in this painting by Toulouse-Lautrec

Toulouse-Lautrec Game

Can you find 5 things we changed in this painting by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec?

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Create infinite amounts of designs with the Fractal Drawing Game

Fractal Drawing Game

Interactive art tool allows you to create endless abstract art images.

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arts game where we ask can you find 5 things we changed in this self portrait by Egon Schiele

Altered Egon Schiele Game

Can you find 5 things we changed in this self portrait by Egon Schiele?

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Play the Which 2 Degas Dancers are Different game

Degas: Which 2 Don't Belong?

Which 2 Degas dancers don't belong? Study them closely and see if you can figure it out.

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