Enigmatic Street Art

I like to look at and photograph street art and graffiti in New York City, as well as other cities around the world when I get the chance. I see a lot of great street art that could easily be in a museum or art gallery, or at the very least, I would be very happy to have it in my home. Often there's a message, or a distinct style that is recognizable to a specific artist. And then there's street art that makes no sense. I've put together a collection of enigmatic street art here, and if you have any idea what it means, let me know.

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All of the street art pieces shown below were seen in New York City, most of which were spotted in Chelsea. I can appreciate art for art's sake, but for some reason I think there's more to these pieces than what one sees at first glance, and I'd like to figure it out ...

graffiti on a postal sticker with a bunch of silver noses

A postal sticker "slap" with an ink drawing of 12 noses and various signatures.

postal sticker slap with a cartoon character talking about bananas

Another postal sticker slap with a crazed figure offering bananas.

potato sheeps street art

A 25 cent can of "potato sheeps."

sticker with the message make sheep not war

An anti-war message to "make sheep, not war."

sharpie graffiti on plexi that reads not your baby

A sharpie-written message in a thought balloon that says you're "not my baby."

sculptural street art that is the word stop

A simple message of "stop," made via a rubbery sculpture padlocked to the wall.

nyc lamp post with message barbados labeled bottle

A metal plate on a lamp post base that has the message "Barbados labeled bottle."

nyc lamp post with the word novel

The word "novel" written above another metal plate on a lamp post base.

street art slap with message BE

I've seen plenty of stickers with the message "Be," but this one has a running family in a heart attached to it.

graffiti with message not above death

We've got the contradiction of what looks like a dead bird with the message "not above death."

street art piece depicting a lightning bolt going through a building

An apartment building hovering in the air with a lightning bolt zipping through it.

street art piece depicting a made bed

A made bed with a long, draped bed sheet on top.

So, what do you think? Do you have any idea what these mean? Or do you at least know who the artists are? If you have any information to share, please contact me and let me know.

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