Answers for the Egon Schiele Comparison Art Game

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Below left is the original drypoint drawing, and below right is our altered version, with the 5 things that we changed circled in red. From left, we have:

  1. Some of the wrinkles have been removed from his forehead.
  2. We added some wrinkles to the left of his eye.
  3. We removed some wrinkles from his nose.
  4. We added hair and made it longer on this side of his head.
  5. We added some extra wrinkles to his neck.

With all of the lines that make up this self-portrait, we're hoping that adding some and taking some away made for a challenge as far as your observations!

Egon Schiele Self Portrait drawing from 1887, from the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Egon Schiele Self Portrait with the 5 things we changed circled in red

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The original drypoint self-portrait is from a portfolio titled "The Graphic Work of Egon Schiele, which was published in 1922 and is in the permanent collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The use of this image comes courtesy of the Open Access program at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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