Edouard Baldus Maze Game

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A print-and-play maze game featuring details from a 19th century heliogravure by French artist Edouard-Denis Baldus. Click on the button below or the big image for the printable PDF.

Printable PDF file for the Edouard Baldus maze game

The elements of this maze that were taken from the original image of the Edouard-Denis Baldus heliogravure comes courtesy of the Open Access program at The J. Paul Getty Museum - learn more about the Baldus art work here.

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Print and play our Edouard Baldus Maze Game, an arts game for kids

Click the image above to get a printable PDF version of this maze game.

By the mid-1850s, Edouard-Denis Baldus was considered the most successful photographer in France. He began as a painter, turned to photography in 1849, and for this particular image, he used the process of heliogravure, which you can read more about here. Baldus specialized in images of the landscape, architecture, and railways, and in this case, created a design for a decorative panel based on Roman wall painting designs.

You can learn more about Edouard Baldus here.

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