The Drip Painting Pole Vaulter Game

* This game requires a computer mouse or trackpad. Click the mouse to extend your pole vault and get across to the next column, moving your way through the drip painting environment. If your pole vault lands within the green square, you get double points. See how far you can go without falling!

If you're wondering why this game references "Drip Paintings," it's because we've used an altered version of a Jackson Pollock abstract expressionist drip painting as the background to the game, as if our game avatar is making his or her way through this abstract art "landscape." The term "drip painting" is a description of the artistic process where the artist drips or pours paint on to the canvas, and it's not just Jackson Pollock who did this - other early 20th century modern artists who used this technique included Francis Picabia, Max Ernst, and Andre Masson, among others. Click here to watch a fascinating video about Jackson Pollock and his drip painting technique.

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