Degas Dancer: Which Ones Don't Belong?

Below is the original art work by Edgar Degas, titled "Dancer Onstage," circa 1877, a gouache painting over a graphite underdrawing on paper, and part of the permanent collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We've decided to isolate the dancer and create a series of nine versions of this same dancer (scroll down below the original to play the game), and our question is: after studying the original, and then studying the nine versions, can you figure out which two of the nine are different?

Dancer Onstage, a gouache painting of a ballet dancer by Edgar Degas

This is the original art work, above; below is our collection of nine Degas dancers, and see if you can find the two that are different. The alterations are subtle, how well can you pick out the dancers that are different? Once you're ready to check your answers, click here to get the answer key.

9 versions of a ballet dancer by Edgar Degas, which 2 are different?

Ready to check your answers? See which 2 Degas dancers are different here.

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