Find De Chirico and Friends Game

There is a photograph below that I took in New York City, and I have populated it with a number of characters from famous paintings. There are 8 versions of Giorgio De Chirico's painted head from his well-known painting titled "The Song of Love," shown here. Can you find all 8 of them in the photograph shown below on this page?

arts game for kids featuring Giorgio De Chirico

In addition to the 8 De Chiricos, there are figures pulled from paintings by other famous artists ... can you find:

  • 2 figures by Henri Matisse
  • 3 figures by Pablo Picasso
  • 2 figures by El Greco
  • 3 figures by Edward Hopper
  • 2 figures by Frida Kahlo
  • 5 figures by James Ensor
  • 2 figures by Rembrandt
  • 1 painting detail by Marcel Duchamp
  • 2 self portraits by Van Gogh

When you think you've found them all, or if you give up and want to see the answers, then click here to see where everyone is located.

Find characters by De Chirico, Picasso, Matisse, and many other famous artists

This is just one of many arts games for kids! Check them all out and have fun!

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