Costa Rican Figure Shuffleboard Game

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Rules: 1 or 2 player game, need a coin to play - a dime is our suggested coin, due to the size, but any coin will do. Place the coin behind the line at the bottom, and using your finger, flick the coin in the direction of the negative space openings above the figure's shoulders - the round circles made by the figure's arms. The goal is to get your coin fully inside the circular space. If two players are playing, the first player to successfully land in either circle wins. If playing by yourself, see how many attempts it takes to land inside one of the circles. Click on the button below or the big image for the printable PDF.

Printable PDF file for the Costa Rican Figure Shuffleboard Game

The image used in this game comes courtesy of the Open Access program at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Click here to learn more about this small pendant sculpture from Costa Rica, circa the 4th-8th century.

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