Guess the Artists Game: A Ten Artist Composite Portrait

We've created a surrealist portrait using parts of famous paintings by ten different artists. Can you name all ten artists represented here?

Make sure to scroll down to get clues and more information!

composite portrait featuring ten different artists

Depending on your age and your familiarity with famous paintings in art history, this might be easy or it might be really hard. If you want a little help, we'll give a list of artists below - ten of which are the answers to this game, and ten of which are NOT included here. These are meant as clues to help you get started with some visual associations or to trigger your memory.


Pablo Picasso

Henri Matisse

Claude Monet

Frida Kahlo

Francisco Goya

Jacob Lawrence

Rene Magritte


Georgia O'Keeffe

Gustav Klimt

El Greco

Paul Cezanne

Salvador Dali

Mary Cassatt

Romare Bearden

Andy Warhol

Edouard Manet

Jean-Michel Basquiat

Vincent Van Gogh

When you're ready, you can check your answers here.

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