The Color Cube Art Game, XL Version

This is a larger version of our "Color Cube Art Game," with extra colors included! The original version was sized in a way that allows the game to work well on screens of all sizes, including mobile phones ... but we thought it might be fun to make this EXTRA LARGE version! Please note: due to the larger size of this version, this game will work best on large screen sizes, such as desktops and laptops. If you're on a smart phone, then definitely go over to the original which will work great on the phone.

How to Play: use your mouse to select a color from the bottom tray and then click to "color" the cubes in the top "canvas" area. Use your imagination to see what kind of images you can create with this interactive art game ... or if you want a few ideas, check out our mini-gallery of designs below.

Select from the colors below:

Clear the canvas and start over.

Or - take a screenshot and send it to us as a jpeg, and we'll add it to our Color Cube XL Version Art Gallery! If you don't know how to take a screenshot on your computer or device, check out these instructions here.

Here's a pair of ideas as examples of what you can do with our oversized "Color Cube Art Game, XL Version." We hope these spark a few ideas for you, but use your own creativity to come up with whatever you want! You can try to color the shapes to make designs that look like real things, or you can just "paint" abstract art or interesting patterns and designs! Have fun!

Ideas of things you can do with color cube XL arts game for kids

color cube XL game design ideas in our arts game for kids

We look forward to seeing what you can do with this extra-large version of the game!

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