Alexander Calder's Optical Challenge

We've got a pair of visual games below featuring wire sculptures by Alexander Calder (1898 – 1976), an American artist who developed an innovative method of sculpting, bending, and twisting wire to create these three-dimensional works which he considered "drawings in space."

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In this first visual challenge, we show you one solitary example of a Calder wire sculpture head, which we've then duplicated and overlapped several times in the image below. Can you "untangle" the visual mess and get an accurate count of how many heads are in there? (not including the sample) - click the button below for the answer.

How many wire sculptures by Alexander Calder do you see in this picture?

Click the button to get the answer in a popup box.

Here's our 2nd Calder visual challenge:

We've got three versions of this Alexander Calder sculpture head, titled "Jimmy Durante," from 1928. Can you identify which of the three is different? The difference is small, you need to look close ... when you're ready, click the button to see if your answer matches up to the correct one:

Click the button to get the answer in a popup box.

Which of these three Calder sculptures is different?