The Mysterious Green Rock of Humboldt County

The Mysterious Green Rock of Humboldt County

In Humboldt County, you don’t just find beautiful beaches and dense forests. The rocks here have fascinating stories to tell, drawing in anyone interested in geology. Whether it’s chert, cryptocrystalline quartz, or the famous serpentine, get ready for an adventure through Humboldt County’s green rocks. Let’s explore these amazing formations together!

The Discovery of Chert

A hand sample of chert
A hand sample of chert

To the untrained eye, the average rock collector may stumble upon the intriguing chert in Humboldt County. It’s a fine-grained sedimentary rock, often found in greenish hues, which led some early explorers to mistakenly identify it as jade. The hardness of chert often exceeds many common materials, leaving no scratch visible unless applied with steel.

The Mystery of Serpentine

Found in Humboldt CA weighs 401g. Any clues? (++ jewelers-loop macro images inside)
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Serpentine, another common green rock found in several parts of Humboldt County, had many fooled, including young natives of the coastline who picked this up, mistaking it for jade. It took the understanding of college education years later to differentiate it from other rocks and rightly identify it.

Cryptocrystalline Quartz

Humboldt County’s geographical diversity hides another treasure of a rock called cryptocrystalline quartz, more commonly known as chert. The observant individuals exploring Humboldt County denote this mineral as a prevalent formation, providing a beautiful view of the heart of nature.

Situated in the Six Rivers National Forest nestled within Humboldt County is a hubspot for some exciting rock hounding. Every rock enthusiast’s visit to Humboldt wouldn’t be complete without embarking on this adventurous expedition.

Identifying Greenstones in Humboldt County

Identifying rocks can be a tricky undertaking, especially for beginners. The region within and around Humboldt County boasts a lot of greenstones whose density can confuse an average rock enthusiast. In fact, even metals like steel can barely scratch these stones. However, with the right knowledge and tools like a macro lens or jeweler loop, you can up your identification game.

Resourceful Sites in California

Another prime spot every rock enthusiast must earmark is the South fork of the Indian Creek in Happy Camp, California. This site is known for churning noteworthy pieces of Californite and nephrite, adding more spark to your collection.

Humboldt County and surrounding areas in California are indeed a geologist’s and rock-hounding enthusiast’s paradise. The place is more like an open-air museum with a captivating display of rocks ranging from serpentine, and chert to cryptocrystalline quartz. The learnings shared above will prepare you for the journey and help you confidently identify these gems. So, grab your hat, pack your bag, and get ready to explore Humboldt County’s geological wonders!

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