The Gun That Killed Vincent Van Gogh?

The Gun of Vincent van Gogh: The Dark Tale Behind the Master's Death

Struck by the beauty of Starry Night or the tangible emotions embedded within The Sowers? Such enchanting pieces came from none other than the hands of the celebrated, yet tortured Impressionist, Vincent van Gogh. Here, we delve into one of the most captivating mysteries around the iconic painter – the handgun thought to be the one he used to end his life.

Who was Vincent van Gogh?

Vincent van Gogh was a Dutch Post-Impressionist painter whose work, famous for its beauty, emotion, and color, greatly influenced 20th-century art. Despite a tragically short career of only a decade, van Gogh left a lasting legacy. He lived his life amidst severe mental illness and poverty, factors that greatly influenced his troubled and unique works of art.

On July 27, 1890, the great artist Vincent van Gogh reportedly shot himself with a revolver in the chest. However, not only did he survive the initial shooting, but he also managed to return to his lodgings, where he died after a long and agonizing 29 hours. The gun was never found, leaving many to ponder – where did the gun come from?

The Weapon: Evidence or Just a Theory?

The revolver described as the weapon with which Van Gogh allegedly committed suicide is a rusty, pocket-sized handgun. Discovered in 1960 in the field where the artist got shot, the gun remained hidden for several years due to the confusion surrounding Van Gogh’s death. The rusty weapon, known as the Van Gogh revolver, adds a deeper layer of complexity to the artist’s mysterious passing.

The Auction House’s Version

According to the Auction House Drouot, Vincent visited a field in his village one Sunday and shot himself, using the very gun sold at one of their auctions.

The Auction House's Version

In 2019, the alleged firearm found in the same field where Vincent is presumed to have ended his life, sold for €162,500 ($182,000), almost tripling its estimated price, and opening up further debate over the artist’s mysterious death.

Other Controversial Theories

Amid speculation and scholarly debates, some theories suggest that van Gogh did not commit suicide. Some scholars believe he was accidentally shot by a friend’s younger brother and declared it self-inflicted to spare the boy from trouble. Moreover, medical reports indicated that van Gogh might have died from an infection (tetanus) resulting from the gunshot injury, straying further from the accepted suicide narrative.

What Does the Art World Say About This?

Such sensational revelations have undeniably disturbed the art world, with scholars and enthusiasts intrigued and often polarized by the latest findings. Regardless of the mystery surrounding his death, the posthumous recognition and celebration of Van Gogh’s work remain unhindered, illustrating that an artist’s life mystery can sometimes prove as captivating as their artistic achievements.

In conclusion, while the gun believed to be Van Gogh’s suicide weapon has fired up controversy, Vincent van Gogh’s legacy remains intact, his paintings as iconic as ever. The master’s death might be engulfed in mystery, but his art continues to touch lives and inspire generations.

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