Rare Mineral or Green Glass?

Rare Mineral or Green Glass?

When we think about minerals, we usually imagine finding them on mountain ranges or in caves. Surprisingly, sometimes you can stumble upon unexpected treasures in your very own backyard. One such interesting find occurred recently, turning an ordinary gardening day in a rural Kansas yard into a miniature geological excavation. Discover the details about this curious green “rock” unearthed while digging in the land!

Identifying the Rock in the Garden

Found while digging in my garden. I’m from rural Kansas. What is this rock?
byu/valued_customer_489 inwhatsthisrock

A picture-informed inquiry initially led to speculation about the potential rock’s origin. Many suggestions pointed towards the item is not a rock, but melted glass dubbed as “slag glass.” Slag is the by-product of a metal smelting or refining process, and cullet glass specifically refers to recycled glass. While some were intrigued by the idea of it being a meteor rock or a piece of the Emerald City from L. Frank Baum’s fiction, the majority leaned towards the artifact being melted glass.

Reddit User Found this in the Garden
Reddit User Found this in the Garden

One of the significant indicators helping in identifying the object was the conchoidal fracture displayed in the third image. It’s a type of fracture usually observed in amorphous or fine-grained minerals with no natural planes of separation. This fracture type is a potent indicator that the rock is indeed glass.

The Common Color for Melted Beer or Wine Bottles

Another strong hint towards the green object being glass and not a mineral was its color. The shade of green observed is prevalent amongst glass made from beer or wine bottles making it a strong contender for being man-made, possibly even a campfire leftover or waste product.

Internet detectives further scrutinized the item by looking for any other signs of mineral deposition, for instance, structures that might indicate quartz content. However, the absence of such features tilted the scales once again in favor of the garden find being glass.

Beautiful Memento vs Valuable Mineral

Despite the disappointment of the artifact not being a rare mineral, many commenters expressed their joy in finding such an object. The green glass with its specific color, fracture, and shape can be a delightful addition to any collection, adding a story of varied interpretations and excitement.

In conclusion, our inquiry leads us towards the identification of a beautiful piece of melted glass, possibly from beer/wine bottles, rather than a valuable green mineral or rock. Transcending its materialistic value, it has emerged as a fascinating conversation-starter and a unique and charming memento from a rural Kansas garden. Whether you find it during a campfire night or digging in your garden, each discovery like this ignites curiosity and keeps the spirit of exploration alive. Shall we start digging?

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