Midjourney V6 now has a new way to make prompts!

Midjourney V6 now has a new way to make prompts!

In the world of AI art, crafting cool visuals has become way cooler with Midjourney V6. While trying out new pictures on alpha.midjourney.com, I found an awesome feature that changed how I make art. Let me show you what happened.

The Game-Changing Upgrades to Prompts

While creating a picture, I added a cool portrait – Photo of the most beautiful woman in history, with a soft smile. 

Just one click on the ‘i’ icon and boom! A bunch of helpful sentences and keywords popped up. This smart feature changed how I deal with AI art prompts. Every click showed lots of suggestions, making it easy for me to use them and make my art even better.

Prompt I chose:

The Game-Changing Upgrades to Prompts

Photo of the most beautiful woman in history, soft smile.

This help was great for creating my prompt and images! I love it! The smile and the eyes look amazing and the results are fantastic!

Other examples:

Midjourney V6 Second ResultMidjourney V6 Third Result

The Visual Symphony Revealed

As I went deeper into the process, the results were amazing. The AI, using all the details and cool prompts, made images that not only looked awesome but also felt like real art. The mix of vintage elegance, realistic photography, and a soft smile captures her essence.

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Blaze a Trail in AI Artistry

I was so happy to share my new insights with the AI artists community, and everyone loved it. Join us in our forum, and let’s start this amazing journey together. 

In summary, Midjourney V6 has changed how we do AI art prompts. Mixing advanced tech with creative ideas opens up endless possibilities. Whether you’re trying prompts or diving into the business side of AI art, the future looks great and full of artistic possibilities. Join the movement, go with the flow, and let your AI artistry reach new heights.

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